Why Is Persistence The Shortest Path To Success?

When we talk about success, we are usually talking about processes that can last for days, weeks or even years .

Getting a diploma, a promotion or developing your business takes time .

So, whatever your life goal, persistence seems to be an important asset, a factor in your success.

Find out in this article why this is the shortest way to get there, and how to do it .

The path to success is often associated with a long race where endurance is the key …

Persevere, a story of mentality

Perseverance will have several definitions depending on the person who interprets it .

If you have been through difficult things in your life, you are certainly going to find persistence as a necessary quality to face the obstacles in life .

If you are not, persistence can sometimes be associated with a negative form of obligation.

You have to persevere in your studies, persevere in your work …

So you immediately observe the two mindsets associated with these interpretations of perseverance.

For some, it is a natural attitude towards accomplishment, while for others, it is a constant effort to be made to maintain one’s standard of living.

Therefore, seeing perseverance as a negative trait will not be of interest to your life or your career.

This must constitute a trait inherent in your personality to succeed in what you undertake, effortlessly, precisely.

And you, what is your definition of yourself?

Persevere to get to know each other better

You have undoubtedly heard this speech before, whether it is from your parents or your partner: ”  don’t worry, if you didn’t have this opportunity, it was because it was not. not made for you  ”.

In reality, this type of thinking is not for you.

Maybe the opportunity was right for you, but you didn’t put in enough energy , or enough criteria, to make this opportunity happen.

Thus, in the face of failure or disappointment, perseverance comes to play a direct role: that of teaching you more about yourself, your resilience, your ability to move forward .

In this case, perseverance will manifest itself through certain attitudes, such as looking for a solution to your problem, new options to obtain your long-dreamed opportunity …

In fact, perseverance seems to be a path to success … But is it the shortest?

Not necessarily, because you are in a perpetual discovery of yourself  : personality, reaction, ambitions, aspirations, these elements evolve from year to year.

On the other hand, your perseverance, being a character trait, remains and offers you the opportunity to bounce back to seize the opportunities you want.

Having a persevering attitude requires finding the right energy to have sufficient personal resources.

This good energy is earned by adopting a healthy pace of life, itself requiring discipline and investment.

In this, perseverance is at the service of your certain success!

Perseverance in the service of success

If you have a healthy routine as well as an iron will, enabled by your persistence, then your success will never be far away.

Moreover, no success is achieved overnight .

As the saying goes, ”  Rome was not built in a day  “, so it’s not with a snap of your fingers that you will get that diploma, that promotion or that dream life that you have been imagining for the past few years. time.

Indeed, living your dream is not within immediate reach, because you imagine your life in a certain way, which can also evolve over time .

Perseverance also means showing resilience in the face of failure, which is also part of the path to success, as explained by Franck Nicolas in “Unbreakable” .

As the famous Thomas Edison once said, “  I haven’t failed, I just found 10,000 ways that don’t work  ”.

The perseverance is a permanent state of mind  : it is to accept that failures can be put on your road, but also convert them to opportunity to rebound to adjust your path toward your goals, and therefore your success .

Perseverance is synonymous with self-sacrifice, willpower, never giving up.

This mantra must accompany you on a daily basis to be put at the service of your success: it is to launch you in a marathon every day , and not in a race of speed.

It means moving forward little by little, without always receiving the desired result at the desired time.

But it’s about continuing to believe in your potential and your ability to make things happen anyway.

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